A Christmas Refrain Luke 2:1-20

Hillside Christian Church #Hillsiders, Rizal, Laguna, Philippines
Introduction: The word “refrain” has two distinct meanings
1. Verb: To keep yourself from doing something
2. Noun: A repeated line in poetry or song
My suggestions:
I. Refrain from complaining about travel 2:1-5
A. Mary travelled 150 km, no mention of a donkey
B. Joseph travelled 150 km with a pregnant wife!
C. The result of their travel blessed the world.
II. Refrain from complaining about accommodations. 2:6-7
A. The better accommodations were already taken by others.
B. What ended up being the best accommodation for them was available.
C. Jesus is at home wherever He is welcomed.
III. Refrain from complaining about visitors. 2:8-20
A. Be comfortable with a rowdy crowd in the middle of the night.
B. Be sure your guests see Jesus with you.
C. When people truly see Jesus they talk about it.
IV. “Refrain” as a noun.
A. Make the reality of Jesus your life refrain.
B. Practice the presence of Jesus

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